Friday, May 28, 2010

The Indian Arthur

He smiles his dimpled smile as he zealously follows the book his great grandfather had written. He takes the man expected to inhabit 10, Downing Street in years to come on a tour of the ‘Real India’. The settle down for dinner in a Dalit home as the media hounds them. His ‘Lancelot’ recently ascended the throne of the valley. Would he, too, be handed over his rightful throne by the ‘Lady of the Lake’ ?
The Prince is too young, they say. So must the reigning ‘Cambridge-d’ king continue? As knowledge flows from his blue turbaned head, his followers chant, ‘Singh still must be King!’ ****************************************************
Four scores he has lived, with an autobiography dedicated to his country. His rivals have learnt to trace Parliament’s nightmare to his furrowed forehead. He groans and sweats under the age’s yoke; putting his years to shame. Though quick in opposition, would he be strong enough to lift Excalibur?
She holds the rein of the northern lands. But like a self indulgent child, she erects statues of herself and has her birthday celebrated more lavishly than Independence Day. ‘The Kingmaker’, they whisper in unison as she passes.
His dolls have earned a huge fan following even as he digests the country’s fodder and simultaneously earns unimaginable profits in the in the railway sector. They say he gave a tip or two to Harvard Business students too. ****************************************************
‘He will come to save us
From the falling sensex,
From the drizzling bullets
And the thundering bombs,
From religious fanatics,
From the evil unknown.
For the Indian Arthur we wait,’

written in februaury,2009 before the elections took place

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