Thursday, May 27, 2010


Just twenty days since Summer passed
Yet all memories have assumed
A sepia tinged frame. No, not
Faded but grown distant as though
Summer had last come years ago,
Remember, in the heat of Summer
When you and I had explored the Alps,
Carved our love’s name in every lone rock,
Wrestled with poison ivy and listened
With rapt attention to the stories of the night
And Lev was truly ours?
Didn’t we cry and laugh
For silly, trivial things- a lost match,
In bitter defeat and sometimes,
In misguided friendship?
We would walk our walks with
Straightened backs, our young hearts
Overflowing with hopes and aspirations
As we build our skyscraper
With steel ideas and cement skills.
We saw our skyscraper bombed
Infront of our eyes
And we were taken prisoners,
Made guilty of the crime.
We were no match for the rest of humanity
Who decided equal love for one and all.
And they took it all-everything we loved
And made us sore.
But I must go back to Summer’s glory
Where I enjoyed my own.
And I must remind her to hold her mind
Even though she is long gone.

Note-Written sometime in March,2009.Summer, I hope you like this.

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