Thursday, May 27, 2010


I was barely more than a child,
And you were on the brink of adulthood
When you lifted your flawless fingers
And pressed the ivory keys;
Little knowing, hardly caring
That it marked the end of a childhood.
And my thoughts could not help but race-
Would you play it for me but once?
Take me to places I have never been before?
Reserve you smile just for me?
Those silent eyes search for me when your fingers play?
All these I wanted and so much more.
Six years passed and I longer dreamt.
You moved on, and I went with other men
Until today, as I sit again in your room,
I sing a song;
Hesitant and acutely self-conscious.
You motion for me to pick up the chorus,
I gather courage and let loose my voice.
It is hard, even more so
When memories are churned up,
Memories of what could have been
What we could be now.
I had played my part well.
I had yawned, I had rolled my eyes
When you said the things that matter;
Pride prevented me from showing that I care,
That all those things matter to me too.
I argued with you for causes
I laughed at your ideals, scorned them even,
Determined never to let you know,
And you never knew.
Tomorrow I will cross the gates,
You will linger on,
The memory of a young girl will fade into obscurity
But you will sing the song I sing today.


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