Thursday, June 10, 2010


I glance at it
Every now and then
Waiting, Wishing, Heart beating,
Afraid that you would hear it from so far away.
It was I who made this choice,
But I still want you to come,
One last time,
I can feel the passing
Of every second distinctly,
I stare out into the darkness,
And I can hear only your voice
Calling me back,
Your undisguised laughter,
And your sharp intake of breath.
Some one brings me coffee,
I forget to thank him,lost in my reverie,
I sip the coffee absentmindedly,
Only to burn my tongue.
A faceless voice announces my departure
I still wait,
Even as the last person in the crowd has crossed the gate
I still wait,
A message perhaps?
I wait for your tormenting taunts.
It would console me now,
But it doesn’t come.
Your cruel laughter haunts me.
I wait for you to come,
One last time,
The wait is agonizing,
The silence consumes me,
The lounge is empty,
You still haven’t come
The faceless voice announces my name,
I look around;
No message,
No sign of you anywhere.

NOTE- It was about midnight when I wrote this.I guess I was waiting for something, some message, maybe a sign but it never came. I just tried to encapsulate the dismay, the sinking feeling that appears at such times! I wonder if anyone has ever felt it too.

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