Saturday, July 10, 2010


I watch

Your hand on the doorknob,
Envying the metal which felt your touch.
I watch
You light the cigarette,
Swiftly, nonchalantly
And blow the smoke,
Those darts in your eyes
In the dim light.
I watch
The streaks of your reddish blonde hair
Strike up in the morning light
Filtering through the half drawn curtains.
I watch
Your eyelids flicker,
Reluctant to open your eyes,
Sheepish, like a child,
Your amused smile when you see me
Staring intently at you,
You would think me half-crazed
For looking at you like that.
You whisper
Into my ears in your beautiful language
Which I know not
But I do not ask you to translate.
I am just happy watching
Your delicious mouth form words
Even as I try to memorize your voice
So that it would stay with me
Even after these fleeting twelve days.
I now dream of your country, your people
But my heart sinks
When I see your undisguised eagerness
To go back to the place you call home.
You have never loved me, never will.
I can sit here and watch you forever
But your bags are packed,
You have picked up your blazer,
Reached for the door.
I remain rooted to the ground
And watch you go.

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