Friday, August 20, 2010


When the moment came

My shield fell,

I no longer cared

No longer was I wrapped

In my parallel; world

Of knights and round tables,

No more of my imagination,

All I wanted was you.

I wait,

Pierced with bows of humiliation,

Struck down by words of envy;


The world never liked me

But I no longer care

To put up my defense.

It had only succeeded

In letting you go.

It’s upto you to decide my fate

I don’t know if it’s love

But I want you.

I have sacrificed myself

To get you.

It’s been years since I saw you last

It has been years

That I have waited,

But you never came.

I am waiting,

For you to come,

It has become simple now,

No more of my idealisms

That came in our way,

Just you and me.

Then why do you shut me out

Like the bubonic Plague?

Are you afraid of me?

That you wouldn’t be able

To tear yourself away?

All my life

I have tried to read your mind

But I have only

Drawn a blank.

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