Friday, August 20, 2010


You talk of doing good for humanity

I talk of colors, of fairylands,

But we both know

It’s one and the same thing.

Disguised by our outer semblance.

You champion a cause I detest,

I ramble on about issues

You consider trivial and irrelevant

A spoonful of sour envy,

Half a pinch of sugar’d admiration

A sprinkle of bitterness against the age difference.

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder

Will we ever have a common opinion?

I am opinionated, so are you.

Two inflated egos, pins in hand

I wonder what you think,

Do you too?

Merciless teasings, brutal blows,

Is it a shield? A form of defense?

You tell me I am young,

Younger than I sound,

But you are child yourself,

Too eager to correct,

Too curious, too impatient to find out

Too fast to label yourself an underdog.

You offer concoctions,

I brush them aside,

I prefer not to be cured.

We talk of photography,

Of seeing the world,

Of capturing moments.

I fire one question after another

Child that I am, curious to know


And you answer, amused.

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