Monday, April 18, 2011


In silent symphony,
You waved goodbye.
In silent tears,
I send my love.
Silence brims in my life;
Brimming, spilling over
Till it is no more silence
Till it becomes melancholy
Till it disturbs you
In far another land
In far another shore,
Walking in the sand
You will carve my name
 And the land you left behind.
And you think it is tragic,
I don’t
I think of it
 As betrayal.
You couldn’t bear
The burden of love,
Of my love or yours
 And the land we call home.
You never believed
In your own love,
 You thought it would fade,
 Die perhaps,
 Be put out
Like choking out flames.
 Silence chokes me
 I hope our broken love
 Chokes you now.

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