Sunday, June 5, 2011

June in Manipur

June descends
Like a blanket of stars,
 Unassuming, unnoticed,
June in Manipur
 Means trouble,
 Those who live in the valley
 Know so well.
 June comes and the guns are loaded again
One wonders
 If it’s the blurry heat
 That ignites the blood of men.
One wonders
 If the sticky air
Some strange reaction in our brain
 Makes us less humane,
 More terrible,
One wonders if
 Children will ever go back to school again
If they will ever earn friendship
Like we did in our days
One wonders if
The end will come
 To this illogical hatred,
 Where men are killed each day
 And bombs explode in public places
And bullets showers instead of rain
One wonders if
 The lights will come all night,
 And people can sing and dance at night
 And young blood can attend thabal chongba
 Without worrying parents lying sleepless
 That a stray bullet might be their child’s fate
One wonders if
 People can mind themselves,
 Not spit on the roads,
 Not use a gun to settle fights
 And the boys, yes, boys not men
 In khaki uniform and
 Their cold metallic toy
Found lined up in every street
 Will pick up a book instead.
Once June comes
 The false calm crumbles
And people are but savages again
 Ready to annihilate, destroy, ravage
Will this June be any different?


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  2. i love your thought process. i just finished reading your posts (including the fashion blog and your manipur diaries) and i am assuming that you are still in college right? well, for somebody so young, you are a very mature writer. keep writing, you can go places. and all the best for everything. with a passion for writing like yours and words like that, you can never go wrong. much love.

  3. @ coy mistress, thnk you so much for the generous compliments and appreciation. i just finished high school and i m in my first year of college. thnk you for dropping by!

  4. Mrs.Pooja Elangbam,nice thought,ur intricated ideas/article might help the society too. Have a inveterate writing!!