Friday, November 4, 2011

What we have

What we have
 Is furious at times
Lashing like waves
 Breaking on tormented rocks
An attempt to conquer or surrender
 Or perhaps both at the same time.
At times
 It is silent like spring
While my hands lie on yours
And i am not quite sure
What you and I are thinking of
Perhaps we speed from one thought to another
 One idea to another.
At times
 I am just hungry for your love
 Hungry for your kisses
Yearing for a similar fire that burns in my soul
Perhaps a fitting tribute to the best in us
At times
I just ask for a friend
 For lost childhood playmates
Who are no more
And buried in sandcastles I never made.
Perhaps a revisit to sepia-tinged mellow sunshine
While holding your hands.
At times
 We just walk on and on
 Nowhere and everywhere
 Curious, eager, eager to learn
 To see, to ask, to feel
 God knows what
But surely, surely something
 That is waiting for us to discover.
At times
We just sit and blow wisps of smoke
And collect memories and label them
 And even open old ones
Giftwrapped  it seems.
At times
 I just like watching you
In solitude
Perhaps far removed from you.
At times
 In my arrogance or  perhaps innocence
 I think the Gods envy us
Immortality is all very well
But mortality’s intensity is unmatched.

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