Friday, December 30, 2011

Before the beginning

Our story is not fully ours
Bits and pieces don't belong to us
Perhaps that book I read a year ago
 And you picked up
Perhaps the love song
 We crooned as children
Before adult love set in
Half stuck in adolescense
 Half innocence
 And the silent encounter
 Of two lives
Which entwine and grow
 But before this
 Much before
When it was the beginning
 If we could scale down to a beginning
When we didn't have a clue
When I was trying to outrun my shadow
And you were chasing a ghost
In the beginning
 Perhaps in poems
 Perhaps in songs
Or whispers of names and rumours
 Of other lives
 I am sure I marked you
 Perhaps in my dreams
 And maybe you featured
 In random thoughts of sleepless nights
 Which I didn't remember 
When morning ensued
And we went on with our lives
With other heartaches and headaches.
Biding time, designing our lives.

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