Thursday, December 22, 2011

I experiment

I experiment
Being a wide-eyed stranger
A cruel lover
An honorable enemy
A friend till death do us part
I pass on
 I live
When some faces whizz pass
I try to muster my humanity,
 Between what I was born with
 And what the glare of infamy
Took away from me.
And try to suppress my scientific heart
 I live punctuated with
Abject fear and shame
 I wear a scar of war
On my collar bone
 Like a badge of misfortune.
 I don't think much of people
They claim they love one thing
 Toy it for a while
 As long as it is fashionable
 And pick up blondes, brunettes, redheads
 According to the season
 It's autumn now-
Notice the redheads on their arms.
 Men move on to blondes next season.
I am drawn into this web
 Like everybody else
Experimenting with different stories.

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