Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It is Time to Let Go

It’s been six years
 It’s time to let go
 To erase your voice
 That has drawn me
 Like the firefly to a lamp.
 I work at it, I do.
 All night I sit up
 Remembering you
 One last time.
 The green-blue veins
 Of your knuckles
 When you strum that instrument
 Or that smile, not quite a smile
 But a paradox,
 That gaze that seemed
 To look right into my soul
 And as I grew up,
 I had to run away,
 tried to avoid that gaze
 Afraid you could read my thoughts
 I stiffen up in your presence
 I put on an act
 To perhaps show that I am indifferent
 Because I don’t want
 To give away my secret
But the gifts are packed
 And parting just a month away
 And I accept
 That it’s time to let go

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