Friday, April 27, 2012

This is Anger Writing

Mark it

The humiliation
Every time they laughed at
Your narrow eyes, your yellow skin
Mark the scars they made
When they raped your girls
The blows that killed your young men
Memorise their names
Never forget them
Mark the loss of those dreams
The dead harboured
The snide disapproving glances
Of the passers-by
Mark it, put it in a box, label it
Sort it out, classify it
You might need them as evidence
Or witness for what you are
About to set out for
Is this the outrage Herzl
Felt at the Dreyfus case,
Scapegoat-ed because he was a Jew
That even after a thousand years
They would never be integrated,
Your genius mistaken for crime?
Summon this anger
When the time comes
You might need this to build
Your life up again.

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