Saturday, November 17, 2012

You have come along way from home

You have come a long way from home,
from winter nights spent huddled around
the meiphu, when you were a bright-eyed
shiny-nosed eight year old listening to Ebok
telling you stories of Keibu Keioiba, the sole
candle in the room dripping wax on the mudfloor
of the spartan room, her bare belongings hung
on the walls,and the wind lashed on the
curtainless window, interspersed with rain.
You know you have come a long way from
home because you have forgotten the dance-steps,
 dropped the rhythm of grace in your walk,
 your hair no longer holds the leihou,
you speak a strange language.
And then you have to unlearn so many things,
 how to eat, what to eat, how to court,
 and be courted. You have come away
dreaming dreams sometimes not yours
sometimes bearing the collected memories
of a people who have seen too much
 but forgotten much.
You have come a long way but
Ima still asks when you would start back for home.

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