Friday, May 15, 2015

The illicit concern of people who once loved each other

Having said goodbye 
You had wrapped it around your head 
That you weren't wanted any longer 
Not even the trickle of words 
And life consumed you 
And took out the sting of bitterness 
Except that they underestimated old habits
His name still figures in your late night prayers 
The illicit concern of people who once loved each other 
They are curious to know how they are getting on 
Especially without you 
They start with nondescript hellos 
Cautious how have-you-beens 
Not asking too much, not revealing too much 
You are a bit disgruntled that over the months and the years 
You have been reduced to a few character traits
As though the marks you get and the books you read are the only sole markers of you 
You grudge them their presumptuousness about you 
As though they can still claim to say you are such and such
As they once knew you, Foucaultian chains
The grounds have shifted  
You find that there is no more the compulsion to smoke
 As it used to be when you were younger and hungry for love 
But you are still touched 
By the illicit concern of people who once loved you.

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