Friday, July 7, 2017

When life tells you it is time.

You were greedy and you wanted
all of it, all at once;
In the height of your giddy youth
you forgot the element of struggle,
Your foolish heart thought
it would be satiated with
just your ability to dream it up,
you thought life would just knock
at your door and introduce itself,
now you know better,
now you know the life you want
takes time, it doesn't call you back
in the first instance, it makes you  wait,
it makes you despair, it breaks your
swollen heart a few times, it makes
promises it can't keep, it wears you down
But imagine this- you wake up
one early winter morning, life
brings you newspaper and a cup
of chai, life gives you a long long kiss
and tells you it is time.

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