Sunday, June 3, 2018

You have arrived

floods into your arms
it ebbs and flows
dreams come true
like flowers bloom
love will thread out a path
for you, the rains will come,
you will learn to let it hold you,
soon it will wash away
your fears, yours insecurities,
troublesome details of this and that,
Dahling, you have arrived.

Friday, May 25, 2018

A poem as a prayer

Some things will set itself right,
dust settles down,
so will you overcome.
You will see the world,
you will save it too.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Baby, this is your time to shine

Baby, this world will try to pull you down,
tell you that you are not good enough,
tell you what is good for you,
tell you that you are just a child,
but Baby, you know better,
you will tear this place apart
if it tries to stop the big heart that you are
the big world that you believe in
there is joy in you,
courage and wisdom both,
you are here to win,
to shake things up,
to bring the old world down,
Baby, this is your time to shine.

Monday, April 9, 2018

The way your arms feel like home

You are amiss from me
This ache is a palpable living thing,
it spreads from my mouth to my chest
 to my lungs to my skin, it misses
your skin next to mine, your mouth on mine
It misses the way you smile at me in
the morning, the way you ask with worry
and hope in your glance Will you marry me?,
the way you walk away from me in that
stride that is so singularly yours,
the way you love coffee, the way I love you,
the way you make the world come
alive with wonders, the way we come home
drunk and lie awake stretching our conversation,
the way your touch feels like magic,
the way your arms feel like home.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Disassembled by Goodbyes

It was hard letting you go today,
I couldn't stop the tears welling up
while in the cab, it was strange
feeling the weight of my love
for you overflow this way,
and all I could think of was I love you
I love you I love you so much, are you
even real? Sometimes I think
you and I live outside of time,
you had just arrived and now you
are gone already, its like the years
falling away from under my breath,
and I don't know whether to marvel
at the beauty of it or at how little
control I have over it.
Just a year ago we were barely
more than strangers,
Look at us now, here,
disassembled by goodbyes.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

I almost had you back for a day

I almost had you back for a day
You asked me if the book you received
was from me, Yes, Was it cruel of me
to remind you of me like that?
And you showed me two of the same books,
Have I sent you same book before?
No,you laughed, you bought it for yourself.
And we asked each other about our lives
tentatively, casually, as though the last month
had not ruptured us, and you made me
smile at the way our rhythm had not
quite changed, I am grateful that
you shared that with me, the snow
in Mussoorrie, giving me hope
that our friendship could still be salvaged;
I almost had you back for a day.
it meant the world to me.

Some days I can't bear the loss

You would have loved this movie,
we would have gone one night after school
our love overflowing, our eagerness to 
witness the world change, and we would
have laughed like children, I would have
cried a bit, we would have talked about the
lives we wanted to inhabit;
now you and I
would watch this movie on our own
or with other people;
some days I can't bear the loss.