Sunday, December 10, 2017

Live the way you wish to

To leave or to stay
has been the question of your existence
All those years away from home
and the rootlessness, all the years of
exile and wandering aimlessly,
And then home again,
this healing, this familiarity,
of finding your feet on this earth
which is yours, the hills that remember
your name and echoes it back to you.
And this love like no other,
this breathing back to life,
this love in a tongue that is yours
and his, the strangeness of it,
this absolute contentment that rarely
happens, but again the rise in your
throat, this restlessness against
being contained, this defiance of
the narrowness of this life,
must leave soon, the heart says,
you must reclaim your life
from the world, this is yours
this is yours this is yours;
Love the way you wish to;
Live the way you wish to.

Monday, December 4, 2017

A metamorphosis

You are taking a stock of this year
meticulously, like a loan shark,
counting how you have come so far;
not far enough, not far enough, echoes
the restless churning in your bones,
what have you learnt,
what have you lost.
So much, its as though the child
you were a year ago has dissipated.
What are you now, this temporary
fleeting self, this exciting becoming,
this forming and waning, a metamorphosis
to a golden promise you made to yourself.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

You and I

You and I
should be lovers in some other city,
maybe another country altogether.
We are too happy for them,
we are too much in love,
They call us shameless,
They are repulsed by us,
by the way we look at each other
with desire,
You and I
should be walking in streets
that can hold our love,
it baffles me how I miss you
even when you are sitting beside me,
missing the freedom we enjoyed
so recently, now this constrain,
now this rationing of hours
spent together,
 we are back to hurried kisses
and aching hearts.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Willing to win

Home found you with your
knees on the floor, a bit broken,
but it has given back what you needed
look how one year can change you
and heal you right back, with scars
to remind you of how hard you fought.
Because home found you and the hills
nurtured you back to life, its air
infused your lungs with love,
look how you are laughing again;
look how you are back on your feet
stronger than ever, willing to win.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

I am already yours

Because you are telling one of your
stories at the far corner of the room
and the crowd fills up around you,
Because I miss you I try not
to let it show; some ancient pride and
outrage against myself for being
so affected by your presence or the
lack of it, as though I am a child who
hadn't learnt to share.
I am on my third glass of wine,
a friend whispers something into my
ear and my head is flung back in
laughter when midway I catch
your eye wandering towards mine,
and you walk across the room to me
and I rise to meet you;
I am already yours.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Takes time to build up a life

You worry sometimes
that you are missing out;
it is alright to feel that way,
you are only human
and it makes sense to want more.
I know it is hard for you
to put up a brave face as you do,
to feel as though you have landed up
in a world not of your making.
You are aware of your many privileges
and those in which you lack,
shifting between two worlds
you inhabit simultaneously.
All I can tell you for now
is that you will get your fill
of the world and people of all sorts,
you will learn to write like
your life depended on it;
it takes time to build up a life,
it takes time to realise you are
already living the life of your design.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Ritual of Love

It's crazy how we fall in love with people
because of the things they say,
the phrases they use, the inflection of
their tone, the way they erupt into
laughter, the way they tell you
about their lives
and you bask in the privilege
of being allowed to trace
the trajectories of their lives.
You are simply knocked out
by how these things matter so much
to you, how they wound up
making their way to your heart,
and out of the blue the world
dazzles you with such beauty, such grace.