Thursday, July 11, 2013


Because you meant to hurt 
And I didn't know any better 
Because there was too much 
And then too little of you 
Because I am still trying to find my way back to you 
Like I always do
Because this time i can't even show up
At your door at the break of dawn
There is nothing much to do 
I walk aimlessly, illness consumes me 
I disintegrate.

We are back with the same dark wounds again

An argument
Build on past mistakes
On assumptions, presumptions,
That what you thought wasn't what I thought 
There are a few things i am sure of 
I have been planning it since two months
Looking forward to it every single day 
Waiting, waiting patiently, waiting impatiently,longing for you 
I don't know what went wrong 
But something always goes wrong in the end 
And its inevitably the same old things recycled to hurt, to provoke 
God knows why 
As though something couldn't be made too perfect 
Too happy,
There must be a fall to balance things out
Icarus rose only to fall again 
So we are back again 
As thought time  hadn't healed us
We are back with the same dark wounds again