Sunday, September 16, 2012

We are here, this is now

We are here, this is now
Things are just as they are
The unmade bed, the dried flowers
I look at you 
Oceans of your eyes 
Lash like waves 
On the shores of my life
I was a mermaid once,I will say
I used to watch you 
Setting the sails of your ship 
You will smile an indulgent smile 
And then?you will ask,
How long did you watch?
The span of twelve full  moons,
I would whisper into your ears
I waited,washed with melancholia 
Searching the seven seas 
Then I found you,shipwrecked 
Washed ashore, unconscious.
All things to be said 
Have been said 
Except for some things
You will say tomorrow 
Your nicotine stained fingers
Reach for the lamp
We are here,this is now