Friday, August 20, 2010


When the moment came

My shield fell,

I no longer cared

No longer was I wrapped

In my parallel; world

Of knights and round tables,

No more of my imagination,

All I wanted was you.

I wait,

Pierced with bows of humiliation,

Struck down by words of envy;


The world never liked me

But I no longer care

To put up my defense.

It had only succeeded

In letting you go.

It’s upto you to decide my fate

I don’t know if it’s love

But I want you.

I have sacrificed myself

To get you.

It’s been years since I saw you last

It has been years

That I have waited,

But you never came.

I am waiting,

For you to come,

It has become simple now,

No more of my idealisms

That came in our way,

Just you and me.

Then why do you shut me out

Like the bubonic Plague?

Are you afraid of me?

That you wouldn’t be able

To tear yourself away?

All my life

I have tried to read your mind

But I have only

Drawn a blank.


I don’t know how it started

Was it the sand? Was it the splash of a wave?

Was it a whisper of malice?

Would we later condemn

Each other as devious fools?

Maybe it was the startlingly clear night sky

Or the sudden drop of temperature

And the huddling around the campfire;

What was it that you said?

We have moved around in different circles

And exchanged half-hearted words before

And now, you were estranged from them;

Some disagreement? (I would never know)

In the dark, I learnt to sing

In the shore, I learnt to conquer

My fear of the water and the night

And so we rambled on,

Little realizing how far we had

Deviated from our course.

We would find our separate way back

And the consciousness of it

Hurt so much more.

We would go back to school,

Go back to our so-called friends.

We would never so much as

Sit together again.

You’d join in the incessant chatter

About boys and gala events,

I would recede into my world of books.

Perhaps when we pass

The split second when our eyes meet

We will remember that by the campfire

We sat down and chartered our dreams,

And leave to speculation

How much more we could be.


You talk of doing good for humanity

I talk of colors, of fairylands,

But we both know

It’s one and the same thing.

Disguised by our outer semblance.

You champion a cause I detest,

I ramble on about issues

You consider trivial and irrelevant

A spoonful of sour envy,

Half a pinch of sugar’d admiration

A sprinkle of bitterness against the age difference.

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder

Will we ever have a common opinion?

I am opinionated, so are you.

Two inflated egos, pins in hand

I wonder what you think,

Do you too?

Merciless teasings, brutal blows,

Is it a shield? A form of defense?

You tell me I am young,

Younger than I sound,

But you are child yourself,

Too eager to correct,

Too curious, too impatient to find out

Too fast to label yourself an underdog.

You offer concoctions,

I brush them aside,

I prefer not to be cured.

We talk of photography,

Of seeing the world,

Of capturing moments.

I fire one question after another

Child that I am, curious to know


And you answer, amused.