Tuesday, May 31, 2011


There is no time
 We live in infinity
We seek in each other
The things we lost
Childhood playmates,
 Lime green dreams.
Our lips seek each other
Like two halves of a broken walnut
I seek in your embrace immortality
And the prick of life, the evidence of the living
I seek in your eyes
 The faded being
 That withdrew from my life-hope
And in the noisy silence
Of the howling winds
 As tempest tossed ashore
I cling to you as though your soul were mine
In your touch I seek another world,
 Of what hollow-eyed prisoners call freedom
Do you think I am tumbling
 Myself into an uncertain fate?
Into spiraling decadence?
We don’t ask nor answer the questions
 Youth shields us from logic
We don’t harbor thoughts of forever
We know,
 We lie on our backs,
On our cold spines
 We stare at the ceiling,
At the shadows of our naked souls
I came to find in you redemption
The traveling star that never stops
The lilting music that was long gone
In your mouth I seek
 The taste of what the heavens call
 A mortal’s warmth.
We lie in a tangle of limbs
You will soon get up and go
When morning comes,
 Infinity is but deceit
 You have your dreams to fulfill
 I have the world to save
 Or so I let myself believe.