Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Some dreams die a slow death

Some dreams die
 A slow death
Trampled on by insistent feet
 Of life and living
Choked out by weed
 And a brambles of alternatives
 And those neon lights
 Flicker in your mind
 You can never quite put them out.
Don’t look at me so scornfully
What do you even know of dreams?

My Generation was to fling it all away

My generation was to fling it all away
 Pick it up from our homes,
 Collect it from our classrooms,
Every filth there was,
 We were to burn it up
Leave no trace
Light a fire
Mark the mistakes
 The previous generations made
They invented the nuclear bomb,didn’t they?
They watched as Japan erupted in flames
They couldn’t stop Vietnam
Their silence bought by statistics
 Or just plain indifference.
I judged them,
 Like any child would,
 Judged them harshly some might say
So sure that we wouldn’t go their way
 So sure that we would have some sense
 If not sense, than a bit of good blood
 Running in our veins
That money alone
 Wouldn’t steer our life
That we wouldn’t do drugs
 Just because everyone else did
Wouldn’t pick up fights
 Just because it was cool
That just because we had it good
 Doesn’t mean we stop working hard
 Because talent alone can’t get you far
 I thought we would say no to war
That we wouldn’t let little girls get raped
 At least agitate, disagree
 Do our part.
 Not squander away our lives
 In front of television and computer screens
Perhaps speak a few kind words
 To the old man who sits alone in the park
Not stand aside when the bully hits a child
Not let someone be unfairly punished
Not let communal riots
Take deep root in our hearts.
Or am I asking too much?