Saturday, April 30, 2011


I think of all the lights
 That I have put out,
 All the dreams that I have
 Blown to smithereens.
 I want
 More than the world
 Can afford to offer me,
 I want blue skies,
 I want to lie and count
 The stars at night.
 They tell me
 I cannot have that,
 I must live in fortresses
 And palaces
 Built of the best
 Marbles and steel,
Marks of civilization
 That I must conform to.
 It’s as though fear
 Drives my land
And each one spies
 On the other
 And cruel tongues wag
 And whisper behind closed windows.
 I have bled in order to change
 And all those who love me
 They are a part of the conspiracy
 And I am torn
 Between loyalty and truth.
 Great changes
 Demand even greater sacrifices
 And even truth can’t
 Make better the loss.
So even under
The immense cloud of forgetting
I still think
 Of all the lights that I have put out.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I carry with me

I carry with me
 Ghosts of friends
 I feel their presence
 In the whispers of tall trees
 And the fading daylight
 When I follow the broken trail
Of the brook and
My childhood memories
Sometimes I think
 I have conjured them up
 Out of things that never were
 Because people change
 I don’t know if
 You are still the one
 I couldn’t live without
 Or live with.
 But you speak when I am silent
You speak when tears flood my eyes
 And when the wind changes its course
 You speak, you taunt, you laugh
 Your laughter rings in my ears.
 These ghost have been to me
Great companions
 In times of great loss
 And pain that pricked my soul
 And even though many days have passed
 And many summers and winters might pass
I would still wish you were here.

Monday, April 18, 2011


In silent symphony,
You waved goodbye.
In silent tears,
I send my love.
Silence brims in my life;
Brimming, spilling over
Till it is no more silence
Till it becomes melancholy
Till it disturbs you
In far another land
In far another shore,
Walking in the sand
You will carve my name
 And the land you left behind.
And you think it is tragic,
I don’t
I think of it
 As betrayal.
You couldn’t bear
The burden of love,
Of my love or yours
 And the land we call home.
You never believed
In your own love,
 You thought it would fade,
 Die perhaps,
 Be put out
Like choking out flames.
 Silence chokes me
 I hope our broken love
 Chokes you now.

Friday, April 8, 2011

We play our games

We play
Our games
We hide
Our love
In follies, in dreams,
 In things that go amiss
You roll the dice
I shuffle the cards
And we think
Of the hurt and the pain
And we restrain
Half in love
Always half in ove
Wishing we would be full in love
For the half of it
Keeps the game on
Long after our eyes have closed
Long after the half has been made full.