Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Come back and we will find new worlds

Do they tell you that they love you?
Do they tell you everything is going to be alright?
 All the mess. All the pain.
 Do they tell you that you have a choice?
 Do they tell you it doesnt't matter?
All the dying. Just because it's far.
 And it's not your father.
 All I do is listen to our old songs
 Read our old poetry
I don't even know what I m searching for
Or if I am searching for anything at all
Sometimes I am filled with so much love
But now weariness is all I feel
And dread
Dread of another tomorrow
Dread of waking up and finding you no more
Dread of seeing the sun
 As bright as ever
 As though nothing has changed
 When everything has
One word, just one word
From you
And I know I will be fine again
 So come back
 Come back and we will find our lost world.
 Come back and we will find new worlds.