Saturday, November 15, 2014

We have always had our hearts
broken by cities
You and I
Places which hold our dreams
Our secrets our promises
It has a hold over us
I can see it in the gleam of your eyes        
 In your slow intake of breath
Always remembering you in cities
Cities which has memories of you
Because I whisper  your name
Trailing all that is left of you in me
We imprint our mortal names
On the edge of these towns        
Its sidewalks littered  with our drunkenness
Places we love at first sight          
Other places that grow on us        
Remembered cities forgotten towns
We map them all in our palms
To be read like a horoscope
We have always had our heart
 broken by cities
As though cities were lovers

Monday, November 10, 2014

Words that came to me last night
Disappeared when I woke up today
But words are just words
Unable to encapsulate so many things I want to tell you
Or just the 'do you remember this?'
When I see something we once saw together
You told me about the wormhole explained it the exact same way to me the way they do in the movie
I can almost imagine how you would have seen the movie
Sometimes I imagine you imagining me
this profound sense of well being has settled over me ever since I met you again
You made everything okay again
Just by smiling like that
Just by giving me that hug
Because we are lovers of cities
And we both know what they do to you
You know how they break your heart
This is all incoherently structured
Images that don't connect
But regardless what I really wanted to say is perhaps just another way of saying I am already dreaming of your city
To see you again in your world .

Saturday, November 1, 2014

You worry I can tell
About what I don't quite know
Maybe the 'nothingness' has reverberated in my mind
I can still feel your sad heart beating
This far away
You of the easy smile, you of the dark tremors in your eyes
You break my worthless heart into pieces every day        
If nothingness is what your desire
In any what way, then I hope that is what you get.