Monday, April 4, 2016

Baby they lied to you

Baby, they lied to you when they told you
Knowledge is power
Not in this country anyway
What did you get at the end of your many degrees,
Many books, your questioning, your mad laughter?
Because knowledge means nothing to them
Caste is power,
Being a man is power,
Wealth is power,
and you my dahling, you with
your narrow eyes, your slight nose,
what chance do you stand in this world
of wide-eyed men who haven't picked up
a book in their lives?
What did you get after years
of learning to speak like them, eat like them,
clothe like them, sing like them?
Baby, there is no such thing as equality,
Even the lowest of their lot,
Even the scum of their earth
would have an advantage over you.
Because all your words, all your beauty
will never get you anywhere
Till they also learn to eat your food,
speak your language, dance your dances
and sing your songs.
There is no other way.