Tuesday, July 19, 2016

We will come with a flaming heart

My heart doesn't break anymore, it burns
It razes everything to the ground
The heart, I read somewhere, is an organ of fire.
Maybe that is why it was raining yesterday
Is raining again today
This world weeps for its loss.
Our grief divides us,
You took away what was rightfully ours,
our bountiful land, our deep dark trees
You steal our children in their sleep
You main, you rape, you kill
You try to civilise us, but we detest your
civilization, your loud mouths, your garish wealth
Your ignorance and your indifference,
We have our own tongue
we have no use for yours,
But you came with your guns and your flag
and imposed your history on us.
One day, we will come for you.
We will come with a flaming heart.