Monday, October 22, 2012

Do you see the lives you couldn't save?

I always saw you
 As the man who would get back home
 Later than other fathers
I was a little scared of you
And overawed because everyone saluted you
 You were always posted somewhere else
 And came home once or twice a month
 Sometimes fewer, 
You always brought me something
 Some little gift
 Even at nineteen
I think that is all you do,
Being a father
But you are a person too,
 With your own insecurities and fears
How do you live through it,
 Rescue the dying and come
 Back home to us,smiling for me?
How do you do it, Papa?
How do you wake up each day
Not knowing if you would come back to us?
Is that why you can't sleep at night sometimes,
 And you say it's because you are growing old?
Do you see the lives you couldn't save?


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