Friday, June 7, 2013

Feeling cold on a summer day

Because it is slightly cold on a summer day
and I am aching for things that are far beyond
 my reach- you, for example, and cigarettes,
 the ingredients of my youth which is frowned
 upon here, at home, I am trying to make sense
 of the world that I find myself in once again,
 over the years I have learnt to recognize
 the subtleties and the grace in many things
 but I am yet to reconcile with moral duplicity,
 when a woman was  found murdered by
a married man, the women's character
 is questioned, and made her love her crime,
not the murder by the man. I don't know
 many things, I don't know how minds work,
 I see so many signs which I can't describe
 but which troubles me nonetheless.
I am left feeling cold on a summer day.

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