Thursday, June 27, 2013

Because you could love and you did

We all love in a way we don't understand
 can't comprehend
This was before the act lost its novelty
 and intensity with over-usage
After a point of time
you stop counting it
 you stop wondering if it's special
because its lost the newness of it
 the shine of newly struck gold
 when it was still shining
and the world seemed glorious
because you could love
 and you did.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Feeling cold on a summer day

Because it is slightly cold on a summer day
and I am aching for things that are far beyond
 my reach- you, for example, and cigarettes,
 the ingredients of my youth which is frowned
 upon here, at home, I am trying to make sense
 of the world that I find myself in once again,
 over the years I have learnt to recognize
 the subtleties and the grace in many things
 but I am yet to reconcile with moral duplicity,
 when a woman was  found murdered by
a married man, the women's character
 is questioned, and made her love her crime,
not the murder by the man. I don't know
 many things, I don't know how minds work,
 I see so many signs which I can't describe
 but which troubles me nonetheless.
I am left feeling cold on a summer day.

Anxieties and possibilities

Lying beside you, shuddering
under the weight of possibilities,
the limitations of the present,
I can only plan till tomorrow's
breakfast of strawberries and milk,
even stretch it to next week
when I mentally decide to run to your place
first thing in the morning. There are things
that I look forward to and yet despair
that the future might bring too many changes,
too many demands on our lives,
that these ordinary days will fade away.