Monday, May 5, 2014

Crying your heart out

The Indian summer bore down on you
You had an urgency in your walk
The prospect of happiness gave a sudden rush to your head
A half-smile to your lips which you tried to suppress
But there is only so much you can hide within yourself
Even though it was something  you did ever so often
You remained the unprepared victim of unannounced happiness
I still remember the mint green scarf you wore that day
How you skipped steps as you climbed  up the stairs, so eager,
 your heart bursting, exploding, as though the minute moments of your life
 could change the fate of the entire world, as though
 the world itself would burst into flames
if you reached the door too late,
and how you saw the lock on the door
and  your heart sank
And you ran out carrying with you
Misgivings of being denied the perfection
that was to be that moment
Unable to bear it no more, you sat down
Under the canopy of the first stars
And that's where I found you
 Crying your heart out.

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