Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Once again the house is full
The curtains have been drawn in all the rooms
Sunlight finds itself in niches of the past
In darkened rooms covered tables and chairs
Musty children books the eldest girl poured over
How they grow so awkwardly and suddenly
All at once
And how they all leave
Heartbreakingly turning into themselves,
 An entity entirely separate from me
But they are home now,
All of them
 Even if it is just for a few days
 They have revived their old quarrels
They all run around the house like children
Taunting teasing tackling each other
Bickering and complaining about each other
The youngest goes to the garden to observe insects
The middle one is listening to music on her headphones
 The eldest runs to the terrace to watch the sunset falling over the hills
There is an aching joy in just watching them be
And that is good enough for today.

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