Sunday, August 31, 2014

Epilogue to a Goodbye

When I dream about you
I wake up reaching out for you
And then a torrent of tears
In the bathroom while brushing my teeth
When I can't find you
so much of my time alone consists of
Crying that you are lost
You are interspersed in most of my waking thoughts
You are smiling and walking through
My dreaming thoughts
With the mark of familiarity only you possess, the specificity of you
That I am unable to stop loving
I have reconciled with the fact
That I will be carrying that gaping hole
In my heart, in my life
For a long long time
Thank you so much for the hug.
I have been craving it for a long time.

Don't say anything more.
The last thing you wrote was beautiful.
That was kind and I need kindness
Every now and then.
Let me return to it
To remind myself that I was so lucky
To be once loved so much by you.

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