Wednesday, January 6, 2016

You were Dodo when I was Pepe

You were Dodo when I was Pepe
And you used to pull my hair
And I used to stamp on your foot
And we used to lie around in your mother's garden
You, me and Deb
We had strange nicknames growing up
Whoever gave them to us?
But they stuck nonetheless
So much so that I never found out
Bung's real name and then he moved away
Our real names were like the fancy purple frilly frock
I rarely wore unless on birthdays or parties
And we grew up
God knows why, God knows how
And boys would go past my house and shout "I love you"
We outgrew our petnames,
You grew into Chingkham
I began to answer to Pianu
We moved away, went to college
And many years later at Deb's wedding
I saw you with your little girl who answered to Pepe.

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