Thursday, March 3, 2016

The generation that loses its humanity

You have so much unlearning to do
Starting from history to norms of beauty
Which you have internalised
It is a beautiful day today
but the world hangs heavy
What you own is truly not yours
The language you speak and think in
This religion is not yours, please
put it away
What good is a country to you
that doesn't recognise you as its own?
What good is all the history of the world
when you are ignorant of your own?
How can you fight against one form of
oppression and not against others?
your whole generation, young men
and women, unable to think beyond what
is told to them, beyond the glamour of their
own lives and their future,
unable to empathise for the lot of humanity
Maybe we are the lost generation,
the generation which loses its humanity.

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