Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ways to heal

To have spent the last months hating
makes it hard to love again
But you start slowly, take tiny steps
You fall in love with the way
sunlight filters through the windows
and makes shadows that shift
You fall in love with the green vines
hanging from your balcony
You watch them whole day,
Today you watched the fields drop by
in the car ride back home
You watched the setting sun,
children hurrying home with their mothers
You watch the world go by,
You would like a potted cactus in your room
and new books, new shelf, a rug
You glance at the news
and fresh wave of anger rises up your throat
You accept it will never really go away
And it is alright, you can live with that
Perhaps that makes you a better person
than those who aren't disconcerted
by the unfairness and the cruelty.
Sometimes you remember the friends
you once had, the ones you loved,
the ones you thought loved you.
Sometimes you weep for your wasted years.
Maybe they were necessary lessons.
Maybe love is a book that you fall asleep reading
And your heart the superpower you always wanted.

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