Monday, November 28, 2016

To live on the smile of strangers

Last night passing through the town of no name
Where winter winds were upon us,
the hillside glittering with lights,
A cafe beckoned me inside
I ordered a cup of coffee and opened my book,
a constant companion, a safety blanket
Your song cut through my reverie,
The light was dim and I couldn't see you clearly
But I caught your smile,
The warm smile of a stranger to another,
The smile you can built a life on, a lie on,
How it must be like to live like that,
to sing songs and dance and smile like that,
to spread oneself between continents and oceans
To live on borrowed kindness,
To never live in one place too long,
Just enough to fall in love, but not long
enough for heartbreak
You see, that is all a bit of wishful thinking
Instead I carry with me a loan of bitterness
And exchange grimaces with familiar faces.

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