Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hoping that writing would hold me

My swollen heart is aching again,
it loves too easily, it sinks all too often
Sometimes life feels like a minefield
of anxieties and I think I stepped on one day.
I am always waiting for my life to start 
Today it felt like its a long time coming
And anxiety, my old friend, came back again
to sit beside me, shaking me out of
the lull of everyday life. 
Old fears came to haunt me again,
what if life is but endless hours
of dreadful mediocre conversations,
and fullfillment of duties,
mechanical loving and working?
Whatever happened to great passion?
And am I truly living life on my own terms?
Weaknesses stepped out,
looking to hold me hostage,
So here I am,
asking for small miracles,
Hoping that writing would hold me
so that I won't break into
tiny little pieces I can't glue back.
So here I am,
hoping for the strength to return
and keep me company
while I wait for the despair to subside.

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