Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dreaming from far away

Grief comes
and recedes
like waves
The eyes forget
the contours of your face
Your smile is etched briefly
Then fades, smudges over
We are the broken columns of sunlight
Illusions of youth,
 holding fire in our hands.
As though all our lives have been
building up to reach this point
Spilling over, falling over
like schoolgirls running up stairs
 late for class, brimming with mirth,
jostling ahead of each other,
Like stepping over an edge,
 Hesitating, but quite willing
Certain till a point but certainty has
 its limits, like all elements.
Love is but a paint coated over stone
Lying near a puddle
Being stepped over by hundreds of foot
Yet you remain
 Longing and falling and changing
Like creatures shedding their skin
and growing them again
Deciphering words from shadows
in places that you have long
 outgrown but continue to hold you.

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