Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How strangely and awkwardly the days past, 
Days blurr into months and years, as though it happened
 within a click of our fingers and now it has paused, slowed down
And how we are all grappling with our lives
Valiently, sometimes indifferently, forever given to despair
And everyday we tell ourselves we are too far behind
How we envy those who know for sure
We are given to frequent daydreams
Inquiring about insignificant details
Of what flowers we would put in the office
Once we get the job
Which place to travel to with our first paycheck
No other age has been as startling as the one
we have finally stumbled into late one night
Intoxicated with wine, peering stupidly at the mirror
Unaware of the threshold we had crossed
Such electrifying glory it was,
Given to great depths of joy 
And to think that all of this will be gone too
In a flash right in front of our glazed eyes,
Dissolving into each other like mist.

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