Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Do you remember that time of the year
When K. spent days sitting by the window,
smoking more than he could bear,
 filtering in and out of love
And S. was not keeping well,
 lying in the sofa, deep within the blankets,
reading her Greek tragedies,
 morose and moody and dark
A. kept arranging the flowers,
or plucking them or whatever it was
 she was doing with those flowers,
I just remember them all over the place.
I kept waiting you know,
kept waiting for you to call
I was so easily distressed,
so prone to bouts of despair
When you had something else to do
Perfectly valid I knew but even then
there were those heartbreaks I suffered from
Silently painfully
I could envision not having someone to come to
 at the end of the day and that made me dreadfully sad
even though I knew full well I was too young
and mustn't worry about things like that,
like my mother would say
 I don't know what it is that you did to me
 and how my heart tore in a way I couldn't bear.
 But those December heartburns,
 how it drove us all quite mad.

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