Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Can you feel the loss?

What is a year to you when
 you have seen so many?
Today they all rise, raise their hands
 and shout and cheer, "This year was the best".
Didn't they say the exact thing last year too?
You can barely separate one year from another,
 They all seem to occur all at once,
 As though time has stretched and bent
 and collapsed altogether, Just today
 while throwing the ball at a four year old child
You suddenly remembered how you had come up
with one excuse after another in order
not to get up at 5 in the morning
to go for march past practices;
You wish you had gone instead
 But that was four years ago
 Not this year that is ending
You wish you had told them you didn't eat the chocolate,
 Just thrown it away because
Because you were six years old
You wish you were better at being yourself
You wish you had said a few more things to people
 You wish you hadn't stopped yourself
 Because you didn't want to open old wounds
You wish, more than anything, that you had written more
 Instead of  stupidly violently hurting
On your own
Can you feel the loss?

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