Thursday, June 5, 2014

Silence, so much silence its beginning
 to reverberate into loud nothingness
Still so much to stitch back together
With needles, only the sharpest would do
Vast expanse of space now,
No plans, no date marked
Blank pages, nothing much to write about
A book suddenly made blank
Un-inked, wiped out of trace
Words undone
You have already done so much of trying
To claw yourself back into what was
Don't you see the deep red  blood you drew from him?
It is time to leave. 
Muffled sobs because your mother sleeps beside you.
What you wouldn't give to be in an empty house
To cry your eyes out
To live your life out in the never-ending desert
 Searching for what you have lost 
And will never get back
Still the tug of the heart to overcome.

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