Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Today you walked over, out of the blue really
And all of it is a little bit of a dream,
It must be because you somehow convinced
me to meet your family, and they are passing on
wine glasses to me, your friends are teasing you
about your ex-lovers, the crazy ones,
I am especially amused by the knife wielder,
There is a canyon that separates us,
And we are strangers in an intimate dinner
yet you are sitting right next to me,
asking me if I am alright, asking me for
confirmation, asking me if I wanted to eat yet,
in the middle your sister asks me which year
I graduated from college, when I say 2014
she says," you are such a baby" and this
beautiful friend of yours whispers "cradle-snatcher"
to you, and I am partly laughing, partly annoyed
at being thought too young because I really enjoyed
this, more than I have enjoyed going out with
people my own age, who terrify me with
their ridiculousness. You and I both have a flight
to catch tomorrow, at different times to different places.

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