Saturday, December 3, 2016

Treachery, that is how I see it now,
Political motives but also deeply personal
Running over all these years, hissing
and heaving in your house of worship,
To think that I didn't see it all these years,
All those nasty things said I felt deserved
 the guilt I bore for my people and their ritual cruelty,
for their categories of clean and unclean
But I could never have guessed the extent of
such treachery, to starve us to death,
to block our lifelines, does your God condone it?
To demand it for yourself, to deny it for others,
How do you reconcile your praise of God,
your Sunday worship to such vileness?
There had been a time when I hadn't
 seen the difference between us,
but then again I had never
 believed in an infallible God.

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