Monday, October 27, 2014

Because you are so beautiful          
Standing there like the boy I saw you
On Kundu ' s birthday so many years ago
And I had been torturing myself in anticipation over seeing you again
Five months.
That's the longest you have been
Away in three years.
And I couldn't hold my tears back
In the beginning.
Just having you in front of me
Was so overwhelming
And to hear the familiar voice again
The passion  with which you talk  about the things you love
To have you. Right here.
And to know amidst my interval of latent tears and laughter that I love you. Simply. I love you even from far away. As I already told you that I stalk you and I see that you are doing well and maybe happy too and I feel a warm pride in knowing that.
It's as though you are still mine in some ways
So embedded I no longer know what is yours and what is mine
And I am looking over the things I wrote and never posted
Because I was afraid to tell you how much I missed you and how many dreams you appeared in
And I am laughing( and crying too of course)because it's absurd to worry so much
 Because there is so much to be grateful for
That you exist, that you thrive and you laugh and you still make me smile.

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