Monday, October 13, 2014

It's 1 am
you are swaying to a manipuri song
People around you are dancing
Strangers, enveloped in well being
A beautiful short haired girl smokes beside you
You don't feel the need to know these people
Though you feel a mild curiosity
You find mutual friends sure
But you don't feel the urge to talk
Atleast not much
You don't smoke
but the sharp scent of smoke evokes a hazy picture of past days
Of three dreamy years spent smoking and laughing
Gone of course            
Gone gone with the wind
You mutter under your breath      
You want to dance all of a sudden
Wear your highest heels
And twirl and unfurl your life away    
Like running , letting air fill up your lungs
You welcome exhaustion like an old friend
Who sings you to sleep.
You want to wake up enveloped in October sunlight and a sense of well being 

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